Cynthia Morrison

                        Author  *  Playwright





Publishers: Horrified Press, Silent Fray, Barbwire Butterfly, Full Moon Books, Thirteen O’ Clock Press,

KY Story, Salesiana Books, Zimbell House Publishing, Sinister Saints Press, Bloody Kisses Press, AG Books, R. Barratt

Wingless Dreamer, Eber and Wein


Adelia of the Coliseum - a novelette

In the Briar - Chapbook


Palm Beach Faces and Places

Scary Story, an Anthology

Tournament Games Anthology

The Black Cat

Sweet Dreams & Night Terrors

Neon and Blood


Short Plays of Adventure & Merit

Salesiana Books - 21st century literature

(Lesson 4 American Play Adaptation of Classic American Short Story)

Available at:    AMAZON.COM


Mad Science / Malevolent Mansions

Mightier than the Sword - Poetry

Dramatic Shorts Vol. II

The Adventures of Pirates

Detectives of the Fantastic Vol. I

Detectives of the Fantastic Vol. III

Devil's Armory Vol. II

Devil's Armory Vol. III

In A Flash



On a Dark and Snowy Night

Strange Vacations

Monsters Among Us




"Thank you all again for making this possible each year. Without you hundreds of Thousands of Veterans would not be honored with an Individual American Flag each Memorial Day."

Morrison R. Fussner II

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